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What parents are saying about "BreathEasier" . . .
It's not invasive at all. Due to the size of it — it extracts most amounts of mucus in a short period of time. It helps my little guy eat, sleep, and breathe better! M.G. - Mother
I liked using BreathEasier because at night when i put her to sleep she was very stuffy and couldn’t breathe. When i used it, it took a lot of the mucus and she was able to breathe easier. Because of that she was able to sleep which made it easier for me to sleep and everyone else in the house S.F.- Mother
What i liked about BreathEasier was that it was easy to handle. I also like the fact of how much mucus it sucked out of him and also the fact of how easy it was to clean A.S.- Mother

Boogies Be Gone

Nothing is more difficult as a parent than hearing your baby cry because they are having trouble breathing. When your child is congested and their nose is stuffed up, they are uncomfortable and it makes it difficult for them to eat and sleep. As you know, when the baby cannot sleep, few other people in the house will be able to sleep! This can cause stress throughout the household, but especially for mom and dad, who want to be able to ease their baby’s suffering.

Boogies Be Gone nasal aspirator can gently and effectively remove mucus to allow your child to breathe through clear airways. With a unique design that is attractive to children and easy to use, Boogies Be Gone is the ideal product for children under the age of five. The soft butterfly attachment gives the aspirator a fun appearance that is less likely to scare children than some other products. The simple process of using the Boogies Be Gone nasal aspirator can be a bonding moment between parent and child rather than a struggle, as using some other nasal aspirators can be.

Made in the USA

Some nasal aspirators are difficult to use or look scary to children. When small children already do not feel well, nobody wants to make them feel worse by using a threatening looking device for their nose. Using one of these awkward devices on your child can cause stress for you and your child. There is a better option available. Boogies Be Gone is designed specifically for young children with an appealing appearance and gentle design.

Relieve your stress the next time one of your children is suffering from nasal congestion by using this simple, gentle device. With Boogies Be Gone you can rest assured that you are doing the best thing that you can to ease your child’s discomfort. You will make it easier for them to eat, sleep, and play happily when they are free from nose clogging congestion.

Boogies Be Gone is carried by local retailers and is also available online. This product is an amazingly affordable solution to nasal congestion in small children. Help you child breathe, sleep soundly, and play happily with Boogies Be Gone. When baby is happy, the whole household is happier!